Saturday, November 20, 2010

How is donation pitch different from securities pitch?

We have made 300 crores and we need 50 crores more.

Both use the same sentence.

One is six months out of MBA from Ramya College and is management trainee with ICICI Securities.
Other is an engineering graduate, converted and dons orange color clothes and works for ISKON temple/trust.

One is selling Pinnacle II, an ULIP which has 5 years outflow of 50k per annum and assured returns after 10 years at the highest NAV.
Other is selling a mammoth temple construction which will be one the largest of its kinds with amusement parks and thematic studios.

One promised 5 times the value of investment as life insurance.
Other promises car park passes, books, and special pujas on your birthdays and anniversaries.

One promises financial prosperity.
Other promises spiritual progress and सुकृति .

The instrument of investment is Unit linked Insurance policy.
The instrument of investment is a step that will lead on to the temple. Your name could be somewhere on side of the steps in golden glittering letters.

Both will give you tax savings.

Both sell promise.
Both give you hope.
Both want to give you best advice as both are relationship manager in their own right and desire long term association with you.

Are you sold? To whom?
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