Friday, November 12, 2010

Learn kannada from Auto driver in Bangalore

Will you go to Hotel Ashok on Kumar krupa road?
10 rupees extra sir
Can you go by meter?
Okay, sit
---after the auto starts and in motion---
You will have to pay rupees 30
I will pay by meter, if you dont want it then please stop the auto and I will get down
Sit sit
---reach a traffic signal, a beggar comes on the side
I dont have a rupee, can you give him a rupee?
Even I dont have a rupee
See sir, a truck struck me from front and i have almost lost a eye, thanks to god that I have survived, since then I earn and eat well but also give needy when ever I can.
---i check for money but the least amount that comes out is 10, he takes the 10 and obtains a change of 5 from beggar and puts it back into my hand, the signal becomes green
sirr, do you know kannada?
How long you have been here?
6-7 years
---then he starts teaching me kannada, the below in double quotes is in kannada
next time when you meet a auto driver tell him "I am kannadiga, dont cheat me"
-- i try to repeat that but its hard, he is patient and keeps repeating till i get it right
"I will not give extra, put meter and go"
"If you dont go I will do police complaint"
--By then the hotel comes and I have to get down for NASSCOM product conclave 2010.
For a rare time in life I had shared a good laugh with auto driver in Bangalore.

Did you ever shared a lighter moment with a auto driver in Bangalore?
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