Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lost Mobile in BMTC bus in Bangalore

So much for the public transport.
So much for the public apathy.
I was screaming I have lost the mobile and no one moved in the entire bus. Everybody turned around twitched a little and ignored the cry.

More than the loss the reaction of the public shocked me.

The bus conductor of BMTC bus somewhere in front. He did not bother to intervene.
One person offered to call the number but the phone was promptly switched off.
Other said you can block the phone by using some code.

The doors of the bus were closed. The thief was inside. I could do nothing but get out of the bus.

Bus number is 201 and it mostly runs between Banasankari and Koramangala.

I had heard stories of people losing mobile phones and purse in 201 but it was a first hand experience for the first time.

I called up my spouse and she kept trying to reach BSNL toll free mobile help line number. She was always in queue after choosing the lost mobile option. She visited the nearest BSNL office and they said she had to go to Jayanagar 4th Block office to register the complaint.

I called up BSNL helpline and after 7 mins the call went through to their agent. He started asking last dialled number. I was confused, why was he asking the last dialled number and not bothered about my number and the call got cut.

I called up again, chose the language option as 2 and mobile lost option as 4 and connected to a lady agent after 8 minutes. She took my address and number details and said she could only disable the SIM after I told her the last three dialled out number from my phone.

Who in the world would remember mobile numbers? And that two last 2-3 dialled numbers. I gave up after half an hour of frustrating interaction with BSNL support.

I had to go to their office in Jayanagar 4th block. Write a application on paper and request them to block the previous card and provide the new card. One positive thing. I requested for 3G card and the lady across the counter gave without any hassles and said it will be activated by evening.

This is a good 5 hours after I had lost the phone could I get the SIM block
So much for BSNL customer service.

I called PAI internatinal from where I bought the phone asking if they could hell in any way with the loss of phone. They referred Nokia customer care and he did not even had their number.

I obtained nokia customer care number from internet and called them. They have an option for lost phone and on choosing so they tell that you have to report to your police station and they will not be able to block it.
I called up local police station and they asked me to come after 10:30AM the next day.

Police station in JP Nagar 2nd phase was helpful. A policeman outside asked me to check inside. The person was sitting right across the corridor surrounded by few more. I explained the above story and he asked for a bill. I did not have then.

Modus Operandi of the group of mobile thieves -
  1. Crowd the exit gate. They are really bulky creatures and you will have to really squeeze to get through them. 
  2. Your focus will be on getting out else you miss your stop. Their focus is your pocket.
  3. Either hold the phone or keep your hands in all your pockets with valuables.
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