Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dell Support says mechanical fault is by design

The battery bay of Dell Inspiron N5010 has a latch that has two positions.
Lock and Unlock.
The battery shakes a little when you lift the laptop.
I thought I should seek Dell Support. Big Mistake number 1.

The DVD drives makes a grhoom and a hoom sound, sometimes.
I thought I should seek Dell Support. Big Mistake number 2.

I called up support after contemplating for a while as to amount of time I will be put on hold. But I had been postponing the above two issues for a while and thought why not try today. I though of chat but the link said all our customers representative are busy, please email. When I went to email it said you should email only for the following 10 things else you should call. So I called.

I was quickly connected and shared info. I explained the problem. The Dell customer representative cut me in middle and said she will connect to technical representative. It was about 10 mins before he came online. I spoke the above 2 problems.

He could not understand. He said as long as the battery is not falling off it is okay and it is by design that latches can be both at lock and unlock position at same time.

For the battery he told the problem is with the firmware. A plastic piece which is ill fitted is due to a software. It is hard to believe but the guy was so convinced that even I started to believe him.

Can you believe mechanical defects are part of design by Design and in second case due to firmware issue?
There are some interesting events that happened over the next three hours. Yes Sir, THREE BIG HOURS of your productive day. Here they are
  1. The computer was slow to shutdown so he urged to hard press the power key. You know how funny Windows 7 behaves when it hangs and you have hardpress power key. The same thing happened. It went to CHKDSK and the guy kept insisting that please hard press the power key to save his precious time.
  2. He gave me a firmware update link which first went to "MAFIA GAMES invitation for FACEBOOK" and later to BIOS upgrade site. Nothing related DVD firmware.
  3. He asked me to unistall DVD drivers and restart machine.
  4. We went to bios and ran the diagnostic test by pressing F12. It threw up an error saying AC Adaptor is not compliant. He would not listen. Sir Just close the machine and shut the machine. 
  5. We removed the battery and charger and he asked me to press the power key for 30 secs. When I asked him why he said to remove the static on your laptop.
  6. Finally he assured me that today or tomorrow the laptop will crash and I will not be able to login so better go for reinstallation of OS.
  7. I had to keep the phone in loudspeaker mode and on DVD drive for him to listen to ghruum sound but he could not. 
  8. He called back to say he would send a dell representative to replace the DVD drive. 
Sorry, Manoj but for the Mafia link and "as per design" comment I would not have revealed your name. I could have passed the rest of activitities as "Dell support ke side effects" but those two punches were too much. I hope both were accidental.

Who did you talk to dell today and how was your experience?

UPDATE - Once this post was published I got a tweet from @TulsiAtDell enquiring if the problem persisted and how she could help further on same. She has registered a complaint and shared dispatch number with me. I got a call from Dell today that a technician will visit on Monday. This was much more efficient and effective than going through the phone support. 
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