Friday, November 19, 2010

Children Day Celebrations @Brigade Gardenia

Jawaharlal Nehru was born on 14th November. We celebrate children's day in his honor. The daily routine may force you to forget about him but for the sincere and dedicated mothers who like their kids to showcase their talents at stage. Not really, I really appreciate the hard work and effort put by the ladies in composing a event that is memorial for their kids as well as their parents.

Their is dance,skit, keyboards,songs and fashion shows.

Ah! I forgot another active class in enclaves who needs the events. The teachers of various arts and crafts like dance/song/keyboards who want to market their availability for your kids so that he can attend one more class.

There are dance and more dance and too much dance. Indian bollywood music and its steps copied by students, cheered by parents. Where is talent?

Traditional music being rendered by half screeching loud speakers. Will you close your eyes to get lost in music?

Distribution of fast foods like chips packets means more plastic on the grounds and work for housekeeping.

The amphitheater is packed but you stay only till the time you video or take a snap of your ward and then you dont care.

The videos are uploaded on youtube and you can find them by searching for "Children Day Celebrations @Brigade Gardenia". The camera battery ran out and could not record the rest of events. A big apology to all parents whose video could not be recorded.

Kudos to all participants and volunteers who still make these events come to life. Do you celebrate in your enclave/ society/ chaal/ mohalla?
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