Friday, November 12, 2010

Brigade School @Brigade Millenium- Annual Day 2010

A beautiful evening of performance at MLR convention center. An evening where the children performed, teachers and support staff orchestrated the events and parents simply walked in and witness the performances. We could only clap at the series of performances. The skits made us laugh. The history took us into our past.

The theme for this year was Goa and Maharashtra.

We could see the costumes of Portugese,Hindu and Sultanate/Mughal rulers. We could hear the Portuguese music customized by local and called as Goan. The choir. The flowing dances, ballets and folk.

Mumbai illustration had Songs and Dance from Bollywood, fashion from the commercial capital of India. The dance/fashion of every decade was portrayed, we could see twist/disco/...

The children looked so happy in performance. The older kids looked so matured walking on the ramp. The kids helping with seating arrangements were so courteous , soft and beautiful.

The inauguration speech was by Ms. Jaishankar. She touched upon the moral fabric deteriorating and how we as parents and teachers can help our children ride chariot like Yudhistra which was always a few inches above grounds. But on the day when Drona asked him "Did Ashwathama die?" He said Yes, Ashwathama "the elephant"(softly) is dead. In noise of war "the  elephant" was not heard but that day the white lie made his chariot touch the dust and the dirt was on his chariot. We need to be careful about the white lies too.

The next day morning we got a call from the Brigade School that the children of standards 1-3 need not come for another day of performance today. It was not informed earlier and the teachers were kind enough to let us know the next day morning. A first for Brigade School and a pleasant surprise for us.
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