Friday, November 19, 2010

Big Bazaar is changing Buyer Behavior

This Diwali Big Bazaar gave a sheet to all its customers with coupons for getting 2 kg of sugar on every Wednesday for the next few months based on the kind of spend they did during the offer period.

Generally we postpone our Big Bazaar trips to end of week and gather the dump and bring back home. Now they want to come on the day that they want and spend atleast 500 rupees so that you get the 2 kg of sugar that you have been consuming so fastidiously.

What this entails?
  1. Your consumption of sugar goes up. There are 4 Wednesdays in a month and now you consume 8 kgs of sugar. Apparently sugar is responsible for most of middle and old age diseases according to a 100 year old Rishi who never had roti in his life.
  2. Your outflow to Big bazaar goes up. You spend atleast 500*4 = 2000 rupees to get that 8 kgs of sugar. And you know better  than me that bill is not always exactly 500 depending on who accompanies you. Chances are high if you are alone but if your daughter,son or spouse around you cannot cutoff on 500. 
  3. There is a positive too. Housewives distribute their buying habits so that atleast one high priced item comes every week and not all them are consumed in any single week. They too can plan you know!
  4. The weekend crowd to Big Bazaar is reduced. Now they may end up in Central for all you know. 

Will you be willing to shop on Wednesday and cut loose into Big Bazaar's way of doing? It would be interesting to get the numbers of folks who bit this bullet.

Wednesday Big Bazaar
The picture was taken at little Big Bazaar at Puttenahalli, RBI Layout in Bangalore. Its little because each time you ask a complex question they redirect you to Jayanagar Big Bazaar.
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