Friday, November 26, 2010

How Android is changing the home environment?

The buy was long pending. It was triggered by a theft.

I bought the Samsung Galaxy 5 paying Rs 650 more at Sangeetham mobiles than at just to have their theft/accident/water insurance coverage.

My daughter picked up the features faster than I and she demonstrated some cool tricks within few hours like you could go to clock-then camera and then run slideshow.
My Spouse was a late entrant but was hooked to "Angry Birds", Bistro Cook.
My one year kid always changed the swype keyboard language to one of European languages and the keyboard layout changed each time and I had struggle understanding why the letters are changing places each time I go to swype.

The initial rush of downloads saturated onboard memory and I had to uninstall few apps including angrybirds. I learnt about kies and how to do firmware upgrades through it. I was hoping to get Froyo 2.2 in a whiz so that I could install the apps on SD card. But kies cried foul and provided no upgrade, proclaiming My device had uptodate firmware.

The first complaint from spouse. Where is angry birds? I cleared Talking Tom and Robot that had caused hilarious comedies in house for few days to make way for Angry Birds.

My kid proclaimed, I had gone to the highest level in "throwing the waste paper in dust bin", only in game warn you. Alas I had to uninstall that to let Angry birds in.

My spouse comments "You are spending more time on android than on us". And indeed I was hooked to twitter, facebook and gmail like never before. I hardly visited the first two a few times a week and now I was there a few times a day. I even downloaded my gmail contacts in csv as instructed by facebook as google did not allow them to have direct view and uploaded them to facebook, inviting tonnes of people to come on-board.

The only complaint so far has been the poor performance of battery. It only lasts 2-3 hours with wifi on and I have to charge it 3-4 times a day.

Have you been touched by the android experience?
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