Monday, December 31, 2012

A light celebration

We will have
candle lights
all get their own

They will arrange
for music system
green carpets
chairs and in-house DJ

We will have
light snacks
all come empty stomach

They have cancelled
carnival, yesterday
to honor the brutal killing

Post light dinner
We can shake a leg
twist and turn
to latest Bollywood numbers
and do little dance

A nation soon forgetting
in disguise of concern
creating a mockery of celebration
making the shame
an act of past
to welcome the new year

we sit on a time bomb
waiting it to implode
in our neighborhood
until then
we ignore

the sick body and mind
are the common man
part of your support system
a driver, a guard, a gym instructor
a relative, anybody

but we continue to make believe
the tragedy was theirs
we are safe
the needle did not prick us
so we ignore

waiting until
the blood spills
here and now
only then we scream foul
blame the society and system
cry innocence
we are victim
we are victim

until then , we continue
our light celebration
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