Friday, December 28, 2012

TeleVision and children

What is the right time for children to get exposed to TV? What type of TV content is appropriate and at what age?

TV is a passive medium which dulls all minds. Any multimedia screen stops the mind from functioning and stops its growth. All senses are engaged as you sit and watch. The engagement is not productive. After few hours of TV you feel dull and irritated.

With nuclear families its easier to dump the child on the bean bag in front of TV as you go back to your chores and computer.

Some parents have attached the eating habits of the child with TV. Its common to hear deals like this

  1. "If you want to watch Tom and Jerry then you will have to finish the food."
  2. "If you don't eat food then I will switch off the TV"
Some children have got into the habit and use it as a bait for their parents
  1. "TV song and milk"
  2. "Chotaa bheem and roti"
In the night when children characters apparently go to sleep kid as young as 2.5 years have been seen to say this
  1. Now you can watch your TV, mine is slept.
  2. Mahadev might be coming now
I was going through an old article from New York Times which mentions that pediatrics have agreed on one thing and which is that no screen is good for child growth. There is no excuse in terms of educating a child or making your child compatible with peers or this is the age of computers.

This is also been heard as a common comparator 
  1. My child is 1.5 years and s/he can browse YouTube
  2. My child is 2 years and s/he knows where angry birds is on the iPad.
Angry birds is a destructive game, and you are proud that your child enjoys breaking glasses and killing animals. 

Sensitivity and sensibility is a dying form, do your bit to decelerate its growth in the children in your house and neighborhood.

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