Friday, December 28, 2012

Bangalore to Shimoga - christmas vacation 2012 #Malnad - the start

Christmas 2012 was on the horizon.
The children's earnestness was glaring from their eyes, where will we go and what will we do?

We were late but then +Mayank Sharma shared few ideas. The second one looked feasible and we decided to tag along to a homestay somewhere in Shimoga, Karnataka.

A day before the departure the packing was in full swing. 2 of us were sick so the family discussion began with a concern from head of family. The head of family thought that the cold and cough will deteriorate as one was hardly able to talk and other's nose was running. The discussion was thought as an attempt to hijack and call off the travel plan. There were tears and accusations. In the end the family discussion fell apart and nobody knew if we were really going. We just hoped to get up in morning and go.

Fortunately, we got up the next day and slowly it dawned on us that we were indeed going.

We hit the NICE road from Kanakapura and for toll of INR 84 came out near Neelamangala. We hit NH4 and went into a toll for INR 20. We continued on NH4 to get into another toll for INR 31. We reached the next toll and luckily the receipt from the previous toll worked here.

We saw Kamat and stopped to have breakfast. The place was overcrowded, understaffed and chaos written all over it. We were standing on people's head to help them vacate the table so that we could get some sitting place. People were scampering on seeing the food coming on buffet, they fell on each other when a chair inside was emptied. After enough wasted time we left with half filled stomach.

Then we saw another Kamat on other side of the highway, just a few kilometers away. It was empty and inviting but we went along.

At Tumkur, we took the bypass. Its a slender exit away from highway. Once on bypass it looks like a normal city road and is mostly straight before it merges into the state highway to Shimoga.

The road to Shimoga is straight. Just before the city is a deviation that goes towards Mangalore. It goes to a bridge and a left has to be taken immediately after to take the road to Tirthahalli. This is the point were we discussed where were we exactly headed to.

The journey was helped along with just enough sun that relaxed the cough and cold of the sick people. As the wife suggested the winter here is different from that of Bangalore.

The road to Tirthahalli meanders besides Tunga, with thick forest on the right. You get a bird sanctuary, an elephant camp and wildlife sanctuary. At Tirthahalli you take the road towards Sringeri. After 8.5 kilometers is Bananki Home stay.

The winter was humid, cool and on hills.A place where we were to spend the next three days of our lives.

Thank you +Mayank Sharma for organizing such a beautiful trip.
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