Friday, December 28, 2012

train robbery

They are old couple
moving around
in indian railways
post retirement

having served the
Indian Railways
all their lives

they travel
second class
got confirmed berths
in two compartments
from dadar to jhansi
settled their bags
and lying to sleep

into the reserved compartment
at eleven in night
a crowd of bhaiyyas
going to Gorakhpur alight

they fight, scream, shout
for their berth rights
with utter disregard
for the rest of confirmations inside

the husband concerned
exchanged seats with the wife
took a bag along
that was settled inside

someone would have noticed
the bag moving
alongside the wife

in the middle of night
took the bag to toilet
took out the shaving kit
took the new saree and blouse
it was a gift
worn only once
the thief
packed all in little kholi
left the bag

in the morning a little boy
Aunty, is the bag in toilet yours

They could only wonder
the Railways they served
had become a safe haven
for taking away
the little things

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