Monday, December 31, 2012

A nation weeps

From the rustic village
a hope was born
with little wings
she left her home
to find life in the city
a capitol for hundreds of years
saw many dynasties rise and fall

a young bud
adjusting in the city's darkness
hoping to blossom
grow and expand
earn some and give some
back to the village

little did she realize
about vultures in darkness
sick minds , weak bodies
were gathering
around her

engulfed and suffocated her
killed her body
removed her spirit
the will to live
kept fighting for a while

the end came , offshore
the spirit was free
the body was back

rest of the nation wept
promising action
politicians and police slept
avoiding action

for in their fold
there are many
who commit similar crimes
even they are headed by women
but lack the spine
for spirit of power
is all consuming
relieving them of the morality

a change we hope
and a change must come
for fighting through winter
there are some
who walked the street
and lit the candles

a nation moves
from living room
to protest on streets

for every tear
wipes the shame
will earn its place

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