Sunday, February 03, 2013

Kumudavathi River Rejuvenation project #vbi

If you feel the pinch then this is the time for action.

Are you concerned with Bangalore water woes?

Do you want to sit on the fence and watch the show? Go around and do talk/gossip shows.

Or give a chance to give back life to a river that has managed thirst of Bangaloreans for hundreds of years.

Bangalore has lost lakes and river to ever growing population. Cities will continue to grow in height and on all sides. What can you do from the four walls of house and or cubicle?

There are few folks who have joined hands. Walked and met around 25 gram panchayat heads. These villages lie on the catchment area of the river Kumudavathi. Today they will be around if you go to KSLTA (tennis stadium) in cubban park, Bangalore between 4-7 PM.

These folks are mostly volunteers from +The Art of Living fraternity, who have taken the cause in the face and are fighting for you. The project is for you so that your taps do not dry and your city does not have another line of water tankers plying around.

If you wish to bite the bullet then become volunteer for a better India, register and hold hands for this project.

A river gives life to so many.
Now is the time to give back life to the source.
Let it flow and nourish you and your coming generations.

You can follow the activities of volunteers on facebook at

You can also register to become volunteer by sending SMS to 8080801010 with


VFABI firstname surname

or register online at

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