Monday, February 18, 2013

Magic in rudra puja

Sunday evening
Wavering mind
Monday morning
rudra puja in ashram
to go or not to go

good soul kundan
mahesh and saraswati
messaged and confirmed

agnihotra homa offering
happens at sunrise
6:40 was todays time
I was pushing my luck
the good souls waited
rice met fire
chanted in glory of
mighty sun, Lord Prajapati

As Gurudev walked  up
a little cloud covered
the stare of rising sun
forming a natural umbrella

he was floating up the stairs
i was brimming with joy
smiles beyond ear to ear
no reason but still

as the rudram begun
the universal tour was on
i traveled from little bickering
to  universal souls

eyes resisted opening
but had to catch a glimpse
of the master on the throne

the arti was offered
all hands went up and front
and returned to the forehead
blessing the self
a sudden burst of energy
flowed down from top
in a natural rhythm
the heart throbbed
tears simply flowed

magic happens on
monday morning
at art of living ashram
before during or after

Lucky to witness the flight of steps that Guruji  took before performing rudra puja on 18th Feb 2013

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