Sunday, February 03, 2013

Volunteers for a better Brigade Gardenia #vbi

We live in enclave. It is easy to create an isolated world. Become insensitive to issues that bother us and are created because of us.

There are some Neighborhood concerns to share:
  1. Uneducated neighborhood
  2. Disconnected neighborhood
  3. Dying and dirty lakes
The community around has created a lot of support in terms of housemaids, security staff, car cleaners/drivers and more.

There are few local issues to the enclave
  1. Pigeon menace
  2. Dog menace
  3. Ogling eyes 
  4. Public smoking/spitting and release
  5. Flowers/Leaves plucking
  6. speed biking 
  7. foul language from early age
What can we do so that life has an equal distribution?
Here are few ideas 
  1. Educate neighborhood -  value of girl child, prevent kid and female abuse (wife beating)
  2. Reach out - create common cultural programs (your cultural event can be theirs too)
  3. Rejuvenate neighborhood lakes  (poor chunchunghatta lake is a dirty mess)
  4. Create awareness on de-addiction (alcohol/cigarette)
  5. Meet up with local government officials (educate on corruption free workplace)
These solutions are also inline with the driving force of  volunteer for better India movement. 

Disasters always do not happen on streets of delhi. They can happen in and around your neighborhood. 

So time to wake, a little shake off and add an hour in your day to give back to your community. 

Act now to prevent an ugly tomorrow for you and your coming generation. 

You can become a volunteer too. It can be your movement too. 

You can also register to become volunteer by sending 
SMS to 8080801010 with


example send message  
VFABI firstname surname
to 8080801010

or register online at

follow  #VBI on twitter

Today is the official launch of the movement that has been brimming in the horizon for the last few months. Be there to witness history on one of following places
  1. online  -
  2. television - Shraddha and MH1
  3. KSLTA stadium, cubban park, Bangalore
  4. Ram Lila Maidan, Delhi
from 4PM to 7PM, this day the 3rd of Feb
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