Tuesday, February 12, 2013

little feets of great master

Little feets
of great master
moving above
mother divine

humbled namaskar
from little disciple
fingers edge
touch and dance
to the heart's flutter

stagnant glance
fixed on the flight
of moving feets,
amongst little noises
to gain attention
if only a side glance
if not the smile
palms blessing
lifting, gaining flight

a tear drop sets
herself free
when he smiles
melting ego
stored inside
growing might
making elephants
from ants inside

a tear drop dries
when he flies by
pinching ego
twitching ease
humbling tight
crushing elephants
from ants inside

remembering the
first time
when nature was
the only master
no living Guru
thick belief
stuck inside

On the roads
he came downside
through thick of humanity
stood in front sight
my back bent
eyes glanced down
fingers reached
for the little feets
of my great master

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