Sunday, February 03, 2013

Managing perception

If you tell her
the truth
she will fume
go gloom
stiffness abound

If you tell her
the lies
she will smile
go bright
shine around

I need to work
on my expression
managing perception
learn and guess the
meaning of my words
for other

It is an art
of communication
to tell the truth
even if hidden
in volumes of lies

For we have to
live together
work together
grow together
spend lifetime

caressing bloated minds
with gentle touch and light
an ultimate test for
spiritual mind
setting perceptions
all around all right

A journey is fun when
neither is uptight
holding back emotions
killing life insider
with little murders
each day and night

let expression flow
without sarcasm and fight
sensitive to little and big minds

managing perception
a game for lifetime

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