Friday, April 16, 2010

Aatika Tahir - A salute to human spirit

She could not hear when she was young. Her doctors warned that she would grow but will not have mental growth.
She was born in Delhi and her parents realized that she could not hear when she was almost three months old. Then began their journey to hospitals, sometimes in bus and sometimes on foot.

Her parents accepted her as gift from GOD and decided to give to the best of their abilities.

She did not like the hearing aid when she was few months old. She would just throw the foreign object away. She would get very irritated when her parents could not understand what she was trying to convey.

But they persisted and she would have absorbed their fighting spirit, she has now blossomed into her youth, a beautiful and energetic basketball player who is making her parents proud with her medals and achievements.
She has even been to special Olympics to represent India in basketball.

She found the spirit to live and she is living handsomely. Truely an insiparation for one and all. This post is a special tribute to her and the folks who make होंशाला series on DD LOKSABAHA TV.
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