Saturday, April 24, 2010

Never knew life would be so much stress

Who is responsible for your misery?
Who is to blame for your pain?
How has been your journey of life?
Are you holding on to something you know for sure will leave you? It was never yours to begin with.
Do you have the knowledge that the things you hold tight is in reality loose sand?
If you knew there was so much pain would you have liked to be a bird instead.
Fly and be free.
A whale. Swim and simply drift.
As humans why do we get attached to something superior or inferior to us. Ego is always higher and lower than you really are. It is never in your line of sight.

What is your identity?
Your name. Your parents have given to you. A acquired assets.
Your married status. Your spouse.
Your degree. Your school/college.
Your designation. Your profession.
Your neighbors. Your society.

What will you do to clean this mess people call stress? Is it something that can be easily swept away? Is it something acquired? Is it something that belongs to you? Is it a foreign object that gets stuck to wind pipe and you have to get rid , no matter what.

What is your worry? Something will happen to your property, your car, your family, your profession.

In fear we create shortcuts and forget about the balancesheet that is getting prepared inside.
We cherish the profits outside because its physical and visible and tactile.
We ignore trust, honesty, love and peace because they are inside. We ignore the greatest law of karma. Your thoughts drive your destiney.
You cannot complain that auto driver has cheated you on money. You would have cheated somebody with your wrongdoing in your profession. If you are clean than no one can cheat you.
The society will clean by itself.
The system will mend by itself.
The stress will lose its meaning.

Courtesy: As always a talk by Shivani on Aastha channel during theie regular Awakening with Brahmankumaries series.
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