Monday, April 26, 2010

News media is addiction

MUMBAI, INDIA - JANUARY 19:   Lalit Modi (C), ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Mr. Lalit modi does a simple looking tweet in less than 140 characters and whole bunch of characters fall out of closet.

Mr. Shashi Tharoor uses the tweets to garner public sympathy. He has to go away because the so called sensible opposition party BJP of India demands his resignation based on a tweet of an individual.

A lady comes into the scenario and complicates the matter for her knight and the knight has to go back to his masses and addresses them in the quiet of his state.

The government is forced to order IT Raids because the news media is harping and creating a molehill out of a simple tweet.

The final of the IPL match is done. Mr. Modi is standing on the prize distribution dais quoting Bhagavata Geeta and preaching fearlessness.

Media breaks news that BCCI has sacked him and given a 22 point chargesheet against him. The poor guy was claiming to head the BCCI governing council meeting and his head rolled.

I was worried in morning as what would happen to Mr.Modi now. BCCI was going ahead with their governing council meet show while Mr. Modi was serving the showcause notice.

How silly the reactions and timing of countries opposition party, BCCI and me?

Why should I care about Mr. Modi? Why did I get attached to his story? What was it that makes me sympathetic towards him? Did I get bitten by the great Indian news media? Did the tantalizer start taking effect?

Why do we get attached to underdogs in society when we know that their are super-dogs who will simply split them apart?
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