Monday, April 19, 2010

Pay Online Property Tax Bangalore BBMP

Once again the time comes to pay tax to government. I called Mr. Shivappa who offers his services after office hours to residents of Brigade Gardenia. He asked me to come to the newly constructed BBMP help center in RBI layout, behind Capital School on 2nd Main.

I could not locate it the first time and the good old postman on the Luna asked me to sit behind him and turned back from his onward journey of dropping letters to show me the place. To our dismay the help center was right in front of us after 2 sec ride.

Mr. Shivappa who had explained me the address of the place and also asked me to come there with previous two years receipt, khata and blank cheque. I requested him to disclose the amount so that I can pay it online. He did not. He asked my the flat area and then ignored my bodily existence.
When I was in front of him requesting the same information he suddenly stopped understanding my Hindi and English. A good samaritan who was standing nearby explained to him that I was not interested in manual payment and needed to know the tax for my property so that I can pay online. Still he persisted that I take the form and fill them and said he would be in complex in evening at about 7:30 PM. He was chatting with somebody else and I stood there with my blank face.
He must have got pity on because before he drove away he uttered the words I was thirsty after, Rs 3292.
I went in to check the form and they costed Rs.5. The person there spoke spotless English and said the amount would be same as last year.

My confidence in the online site was pretty high from last years experience.
Three times I entered the credit card information. Nothing happened. I only obtained transaction failed at different times of the day. I had IE8 and Acrobat 9. The error glared IE 7.

Finally I uninstalled IE8, restarted machines few times and installed IE7 after downloding the 15 Mb.
Still the same error.

I gave up and took a printout of the form. Another nice option they give beside the button that allows you to pay online. I guess they realized that persited soul like me would get ultimately be frustrated and fallback to manual option.

I took printout on three blank papers and walked to the BBMP help center at RBI layout again. The person was efficient as there was no crowd and he explained to me that if BBMP recieved the credit card payments multiple times then they would refund it.

I forget to mention, I kept calling the BSNL numbers at different times of day and it was always busy. That is the reason this time around I am not putting the numbers here.
How was your property experience this year?
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