Saturday, April 24, 2010

Indian News media is tantalizer

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They love to tickle. They love to drive people mad by highlighting petty issues. They love to miss facts. They love their "sources". They are only acting as conduit for their "sources".

If you are following the latest breaking news and coverage by the TV news media in India then you would have noticed that every channel is getting sensational. I don't know if they feel the sensation but they surely are transmitting.

Even the business channels have caught on the bug and are having political spokesman on their prime time. Hello, aren't you suppose to focus on business and quarterly results.

Outlook magazine publishes a report based on its sources and the channels pick up the allegations and start to beat them to death.

They are seen to be inserting the micro phone in mouth of people who are creating controversies, just to get the sound bit. Suddenly that sound bite becomes the news. The person is branded as "confident" or "nervous".

I think there is need to shift focus from sensation to grassroots works.

How many people know about the "Bharat Swabhimaan andolan"? A spiritual channel is espousing the news that has impact on society from all angels including social, legal, political.

I think we need a channel that focuses on the common man, the farmer, the average Indian. Their struggles and accomplishment. We don't have to wait for realism on silver screen. We need it in our home and in front of us in our living room.

My "sources" say that time has come to bring the real hero within us , in front of us. What say?
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