Friday, April 16, 2010

Do not withdraw from paypal or moneybookers

If you are a freelancer and obtaing your payments through online inward remittances to India then you will run into either Paypal/MoneyBookers or one your Bank with their wire transfers services.

The charges levied by both paypal and  moneybookers are of similar nature and you end up paying around 5% of your forex amount for inward remittances to India.

This is especially true after incidents of past few days in which paypal had to respond to and function within the purview of Indian tax law.

It is better to sign with a bank that gives cost effective wire transfer charges. Let me know if you know of any. SBI works through Standard chartered and they charge about $20 for intermediary services. This adds on to the $30 that your client or online marketplaces like odesk adds to your online services fee. Thus its always $50 no matter what amount you recieve. So they become effective means if you have amount crossing over $1000 per transaction and that does not happen often.

Wondering what would be the most cost effective ways of saving transactions cost while your funds are in transit while you are an independent entity.
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