Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Business in times of Ash

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In India the mention of Ash so far reminded you of spouse of Mr. Abhishek Bachan, otherwise known as Aishwarya Rai.

The volcanic eruption in Iceland has changed that point of view now. Now ash belongs to the sky where she belongs. 

This presents several business opportunities for entrepreneurs and I would list a few of them.

I think the government of respective countries should come forward and find reasons to blow some taxpayers money.

  1. A filter in front of aircraft engine to suck ash and feed engine with pure air. The product could have specifications as to what percentage of ingredients will be let through and what would be trapped and released in mid air.
  2. A cross Atlantic train service connecting Europe to Americas. Please ensure tracks do not touch ocean floors. Product specs/differentiation could be tsunami resistant, quake resistant, whale repellent.
  3. Acid free roof tops. Construction materials that prevent entry of acid  from ash clouds coming from top/windows/doors which might be mixed with the H2O rains that we used to have some years back.
  4. Security services that specialize in volcano safety. This event could encourage terror outfits to enlist more volcanoes in their fight to liberate the earth from clean living and climate.
Also I believe that global warming might be a little too much for these volcanoes from Iceland and other places of earth. They have already started puffing and coughing unable to bear the heat.

What is your take on the Icelandic cloud release?
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