Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dedicated positive news media

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We choose our leaders through election process. We blame ourselves for bad governance because we did not go out in the heat or cold and cast our vote.

We choose the TV channels based on our choice. There are whole host of choice out there. There are skimpy channels, sad/ugly/crying channels, godly channels, children focused, local content focused, movies, news.

What we miss in the news channel is a breath of positive energy?
In spirituality we are taught to focus on the world within.If we can steady ourselves then the world around us will be anchored.

How can we influence the TV anchors and management to move towards positive content? By reducing their TRP's? By street protest? By human chain? By online poll? By email chain?

We can choose what we see. We can ignore sensation, tantalisation by news media. There are enough channels to choose from. We can come back to current news channel for weather report only, its the only time they are not pounding their hands on table.

Wrong people do not make the society. Its a wrong message that we are giving in the prime time. They do not deserve ticker segments. But if you insist you can put them on ticker. We need to be aware if you will.

The common man deserves a lot more attention. We do not have to wait for one off movie to highlight his despair or accomplishment. He needs to meet us everyday just like the RK Laxman's common man, the cartoon strip series.

Will you watch the sensation and let it destroy the beautiful thread that integrates and makes us proud of our society?
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