Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why do I need to be creative?

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 Why should you have stunning performers as coterie?

Why should you respect mediocrity but cannot endure them as colleague? You should respect individuals for their existence but not someone to share your workspace with?
You could be mediocre too but you will not grow in company of mediocrity? 

The reason large organization are difficult  is because they become precise with mediocrity and cannot live nor sustain the chaos required for creativity. This could frustrate you after a while. 
Process is good for efficient systems, mostly found in manufacturing or in safety critical systems found in healthcare and space missions

But in software you need to allow your self to get creative. Produce products that you love to create and that folks around love to use. 
Excellence and chaos go hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. Do not be angry when you fail miserably as chaos can cause confusion and defeat. 
You like it when you grow. You like it when you are able to solve everyday problems in simple ways. In ways people would have thought impossible. 

You can do it only when you get a rush of blood, the same when you are charging in full steam, total focus on the game, the ball has to get into opponents net, with or without you. You do it with a team. 
Alone, you get crushed. Lost in wilderness.
You decide to walk alone though. The decision point is in your head though. But the velocity gains momentum only with team. A team where others are better then you, always.
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