Friday, May 07, 2010

How do you learn?

Learning happens when you are free.

If you are attached to a belief or a system of predefined procedures then learning will not be easy on you. You will be strained beyond your means and there will be tremoundous effort on your faculties to get into the rhythym of learning.

Its like playing musical chairs. You are attentive to the music. You are attentive to the chairs and people ahead and behind you. Yet you dont stumble, hit or slip away. You are there and you are flowing to a rhythym. You are focused and your body and mind complex is continously adapting to the changing environs. You are nerves but you are constructive and have a smile on your face.

An idea exchane is an event in which ideas are spoken as well as heard. Its not the metro heading towards you in full steam and crushing you under its weight. Its like rowing where you are trying to go upstream. There is some resistance from the stream but there is also assistance. When you row the stream listens to you and allows you to go up. When you listen carefully to the stream you can find a path of least resistance. You learn a new way to navigate.

The next time you meet somebody. Ask yourself?. How do I learn? How do I learn from my fellow commuter? What do I learn from my housemaid, the security guard, the CEO, the writer, the actor? Are they inaccessible to me? If yes then why? How do I make mhyself accessible to them?

I can learn in a formal structured place like school or a corporate. The only disadvantage is that the creative people who made such institutions have left. They have left behind a system of processes and repeatitiveness that can only make you a menial robot if not more.

Your learning opportunities lies elsewhere in chaos where your methods will be challenged and disrupted. Dont fear them. Embrace them.

Its imperative that I learn. Its imperative that it has to be spontaneous.

What did you learn from above?
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