Sunday, May 09, 2010

A miracle in name of Chinnamma

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She is 34. She looks like 54. You cannot get thinner than her. She is bare bones. She is household help. We mostly call her "काम वाली बाई "or "अम्मा " or "Aunty".
She works in an apartment complex and lives nearby in a small house. She has raised two kids and helped them with education. Now they are young adults on verge of employment.
She does work in three houses. She takes care of one of the house for the whole day. She has been doing it for the last three-four years.
She has work ethics, is honest, does not demand a pay hike nor better working condition. She does not complaint about excess workload. She does her work, efficiently and regularly, everyday of her life. She simple takes what is given. She does not expect more, nor in words nor through indirect actions.
She will come to your house at 8, 10, 12 and 18:00 to check if you are there in case you go out anywhere during the day.
She is a true believer and has complete faith in God. A complete कर्मयोगिन. Her only sentence in adversity and when cornered is "He is seeing everything. He will take care of everything."
She had to leave her house in the village somewhere in chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. Her husband brought another lady twenty years after her marriage and two kids. He and her in-laws harrassed her for twenty years of her youth. She was twelve when she got married.
She studied till PUC which is 10+2 when she was with her parents. Her childhood was in a farmers family. They  had many acres of land. Her father gave 20 hectares of land and hundreds of grams of gold as dowry in her marriage.
She came to Bangalore straight out of her village for the first time with her kids. She has created a living through her honesty and perseverance. She has the will to live and strength to survive. She has honored the life bestowed onto her with a stable and steadfast value system.
She does not need a corporate training on soft skills nor she needs a plaque put across her desktop proclaiming the value system of her organization. Reminded through several emails from top-middle-lower management about the organizations ideal.
She is a living legend and she works in your household. 

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