Saturday, May 15, 2010

How do you network at networking event?

You say
Hi, I am Dhaval.
  You get - Ah Hi, I am so and so.
Sometimes there will be awful pause. Sometimes you will be hungry to spit out something like
   "I have this great ideas and I wanted it validated. You have been in this business for so long. Can you obtain your valuable advice for free?"
  If you are lucky you can get , "Yes, Why dont we meet sometimes later at leisure so that we can do justice to your idea?"
  If you are not then you will be thrusted a visiting card and the reciever will switch over to more activity elsewhere.
  There could even be curiosity from other end and you could get "So, what do you do?"
You were waiting for this and you start 
 "I am freelancer. I mostly develop apps on Google app engine, essentially in python and sometimes in java and google scripts. My focus is integration app that talks to various APIs offered from Google Data/Docs/Analytics/Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, Zoho"

Till then you would have reached your dead end and then you give "So what do you do."
  "I am IT consultant or I own this company for last three years or I have a day job but I am interested in mobile apps and how to make money out of it?"
  Sometimes you will get. "Heres my card and heres my brochures. Thank you."

You are again left stranded waiting for your next meal.

By the end of day you are too tired and just want to hit the road and go home.
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