Friday, May 07, 2010

Why does a terrorist deserve media time?

He took the nation for a ride. He bludgeoned ordinary folks doing their everyday routine. He played with scores of human life and terminated them mercilessly.

You spent crores of rupees for over a year in the name of fair trial, giving him exclusive jail room, manpower to protect, special judges and sessions court.

How did you get that money? Through the taxes that the people killed paid to you for better part of your life.

Why does TV media walking around in every nook and corner of country and world trying to ask people
Does he deserve death or life? What sort of silly question is that?

What kind of world are we living? Why do we encourage such media coverage?
Why should be proud of home minister who gives kudos to judiciary who took away time from crores of cases pending in its cupboard to attend to this one?

And today you have all the media hampering for sound bites and again following a judgement into the case of two filthy rich brothers over distribution of gas?

It is painful to see and observe that we allow terrorists, rapists, corrupt to occupy the TRP's of Indian news channel.

Is it not possible to cover movements that uplift society? Is it very hard?
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