Monday, May 17, 2010

How will data make sense?

Data is flowing in every direction and in every possible way. How do we use it to make effective decisions? How can it help us live a better life?

Job portals have tonnes of resumes. How can a company reach out to most likely job prospects? How can job prospects reach out to the right fitment?
How many times will you repeat shooting in the dark each time a recruitment requirement is thrown across to you?

Mobile Operators have tonnes of SMS'es floating across. How can they put the content in context of the user who is sending it? How can they better their service and improve user experience?

I get the same promotion three times a day and every day of the week. Why cant the system learn that this user is not interested in this offer at this moment of life? 

In every stage of life we are in need of certain things. How can the services around you learn your need and send across the appropriate content and offer to meet them?

How effective is mass mailing, mass SMS'es campaigns?
How many times have you made a buy decision made on the SMS offer that you got?

How can the need and the offer align? How can they orient  towards each other and produce a rhythm that is not Noise?
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