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What happens in startup networking event?

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Startup saturday is organized by on every second saturday of every month for the past few years. is a great initiative by a group of go-getters about few years back. The venue is mostly a conference room in IIMB bangalore as the initiative is supported by NSR Cell.

I have soaked my hands in freelancing for about a year and felt qualified to attend such a meet.
My nerves betray me when I try to get social. This time I was adamant to push my luck.
I have been alone for so many days. No team in physical form around. Social isolation. Lost connection with regular job goers and their pristine topics.
Facebook was constructing their social graphs and what was I doing here in isolation?. A man alone in single island is good for a few days but then you need to ride the dolphin/shark/whale based on your luck and your accompanying stars.

And I bit the social bullet and here are few glimpses.

If you are not used to it then it could be ample road rollers around you. But if you are then you sail through.
The sequence of sentence can go like this
"Hi, I am Dhaval, a freelancer, into web based projects.".
"I am a freelancer into open source."
"I get my work online and deliver it online."
"I have been in IT for 10 years."
"I mostly take python/django based projects. But have done Google scripts and other integration with Google data APIs and salesforce etc.,"
Not many survive till the last pitch line as there is bound to be somebody crashing into the other guy or you wanting to go to other guy or "lo and behold" something pounding on you too and you lose your clue. Me, I dont believe it. But I love it.

or there could be somebody who says

"I am a socialogist. I take sessions on sexuality in schools and colleges."
"I have had two rounds of funding. I have crores in my order book and I dont give a damn to big names."
"I am established and have a business. I came here to enable the strugglers and show them the light at end of tunnel without stumbling on the same rocks as me."
"You are my prosperous customer. Why dont  you buy my services?"
Somebody was hiring but I just could not meet them.

Then you get to witness fantastic speakers.
A lady from altius consulting who uses parables/fables as tools to communicate and conceptualize a marketing strategy for startups for a reasonable fee.

Few quotes
  • You and your friend in jungle of startup being followed by a disruptive innovation called as tiger. You only have to outrun your competition, your friend in order to survive. Ignore the jungle and rest of animals and their kingdom.
A gentleman from 2020 social media company urging us to focus on customer before doing the startup roller coaster.

Few quotes, they are distorted because I do not recall the exact verse
  • A founder creates a powerful distortion field around his idea. He inspires co-founders and his stakeholders to believe his version of distortion. 
  • Know your customer before you write single line of code. Know what he will pay and why will he come to know.
  • Listen to your customer and include their feedback in your business.
 Startup buddies -
A initiative to group people doing diverse startups. Allow them to brainstorm and meet on regular basis to keep the momentum going.
1m-1m -
Introduction to Sramana Mitra's initiative to create a million startups having million dollors revenue.

In the society in which we live in where youth pursuing ventures are treated as social morons, a much needed relief to know that I am not the only one who is drugged.

I am not a efficient networker. This is not a inside scoop.It is only a reaction from a first time visitor in the jungles where startups dare to dwell.
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