Monday, May 31, 2010

A rocking concert at Sri Sri Ashram

Ignorance is bliss, they say and we experienced it. We left home at about 6:25 PM and reached Sri Sri Ravishankar ji's ashram at about 7 PM. It was rainy and the drive was little slushy. We went and had dinner at Annapoorneswari hall and enjoyed the special delicacies served on sunday evening.

We were back in yagnashala at about 7:40 PM and sat down in peace listening to the bhajans. And then out of the blue the mesmerising voice of Rishi NityaPrayagji pierced the environment and were transformed into a rock concert.

Not a single soul could sit on their feet and everybody was in air , jumping and coordinating all forms of steps in all forms of dance. You had sparkling faces of few young swamis in their white dhoties dancing to the rhythm. Some folks were forming train and running around the whole place.

After the song he was urged with "once more" and "one more". Everybody wanted more.
He obliged and gave "ori sakhi mangal gayo ri" and we were mesmerised as few tears dropped and trickled down few cheeks.

Then he went back to his place and everybody settled down in their place. Then we went on for normal bhajans and voices. There was little unease as Guruji was not yet in. On most days the ashtavakra session starts at about 8 but now it was well beyond 8:15.

Again Rishi Nityaprayag jee had the mike in hand and we were roaring in mid air. Guruji did appear towards the end and felt the food of the crowd and himself led a bhajan. He only repeated a single line and it felt like whole universe was singing and following him.

He quoted the yoga sutras and mentioned the singnificance of the place and its purity and how it transformed individuals there.
And then came the news that we were shocked to hear. He mentioned a terrorist attack. A man fired a bullet while he was going out of satsang in his convoy. He said the man could not do more damage as his mind would have melted in the mood of satsangies and left and ran off after a single fire.

Then he welcomed all terrorists to come to ashram and enjoy the happiness and fearlessness of us. He also mentioned that few naxalites were meeting him on 1st and 2nd and would become part of us satsangies.
He threw open a challenge to all non-violent minds to come and experience the happiness that we had created and then decide their path.

An evening when terror was in air and we were totally unaware of its presence and swayed in satsang.
An evening when rains was in air and we chose to get drenched and drive back home in peace, even after knowing that our dear Guruji had a shot at his life but only a devotee of his got a minor injury.
It can only happen in Art of living ashram.
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