Saturday, May 15, 2010

How will your mobile app make money?

You have developed a wonderful mobile app. You rave. You tweet. You blog. You carry it everywhere. Why is nobody buying it? Even your best friend are not ready to release Rs 50 to buy it. Forget your friends, your spouse is not keen to even have a look at it.

What did you miss my friend? You have missed the end users. Your application is only 20-30% technical problem. The rest 70% is how you present it to the world, how to do market it, how do you know it really solves the problem your end users are currently facing. Its not a script that you wrote 10 years back and now converting into a movie.

Why is it that less than 2% of developers on appstore make money? What did the rest do? How did they lose it? Its a simple lifecycle. You buy a Mac, a iphone , create a app, abide by appstore guideline and there it goes and gathers dust in some corner of appstore.

Did you classify your app? Is your app used by the user once in his lifetime? Is it used by him intensely in his honeymoon period and then dumped for spirituality? Is it being used once in a while when the need arises? What is the pattern of usage for your app?

Will your app be free or freemium or user pays for newer content as and when it gets delivered? Will your app be freely downloadable from operator's appstore and lead to other applications that are paid for upfront?
Do you think your operator will share revenues with you? Can you expect to make more than a percent or two from your operator? Will you survive with that percent?

Will you be developing the app as one time one hit hindi movie hero or are you planning to deploy 3-4 apps per quarter?

Can your single app be your lifesaver and give you revenues for rest of your life?

Did I do justice to the title of this blog? You will have to go there and find your market. It is your application. It is your market. Unless you belong to the lucky tribe.

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